Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Were you really expecting me to stay away?

Come on guys...haven't I proven myself to be flaky and unreliable when it comes to stuff like this.  Here are some recent pics which I got permission to share.  These are all of the surrogate babies I have carried other than the Boston twins.  I did just get some handwritten notes from them though (yes...I'm old enough that my first surrogate twins can now write...older means wiser though, right?  Right?)

First up is Ben, the Canadian.  His dads still want a sibling.  They still would like me to carry it.

Next we have Aurora, aka Cletus for those long time readers, aka the ESS for those from SMO.  She is holding Amelie, the baby carried by their new surrogate in Oregon.

Next up we have Georg, or Baby A from the infamous ESB twins.  He is also holding Amelie. 

Last but not least we have Adrian, Baby B of the ESB twins.  He is the true wildcat of the bunch.  Amelie appears to be a picture hog.  ;)

As I have said before, surrogacy is not something you do for a few years and then go back to your regular life with no ongoing reminders.  If you are lucky, which I consider myself to be incredibly lucky in this regard, you get ongoing pictures and updates which show you that this brief period in your life has not just been a way to feed your pregnancy obsession, but rather a way to grow families.