Friday, August 22, 2014


is so much harder to be ok with when all your geriatric friends are embarking on another round of surrogacy. 

But 99% of the time I am ok with it.  It feels right.  It feels like a wonderful, magical thing that I did and will always be proud of. 

Life here is good.  The boys started their junior year of high school  Holy God how did that happen.  Our babies are 16 and juniors. 

I am still at the plant and typing.  Got another raise at the ethanol plant and the hubster got a raise that same week at his job.  Thank heavens because with two teen drivers that are boys we are bleeding money constantly.  Somehow I doubt the college years will be much better even though we have always said that we won't pay for college for them, just help.  My parents didn't pay for college for me and having to pay for it myself made me appreciate it so much more.  All five kids have always known that they have to either get scholarships, work their way through college, or join the military.

Summer here was weird and strange and good...sort of. We took one trip and the hubster got bitten by a tick and got Lyme Disease.  I wrecked my bike and so did Boy #2. 

Boy #2 is going to have knee surgery next week.  Hopefully this will put an end to his knee pain.

So that's it for us here.  Surro kids are all doing well.  The Canadians are revving up for a sibling with a fellow Missouri surrogate.  I'm thrilled for all of them.  The Swede's youngest baby (carried by another surrogate) turned one two days ago.  As the days continue to roll along and as I get further and further from my active surrogacy days, the more I realize how long term surrogacy is and how really wonderful it is.  My surrogate babies are now 7/7/6/6/3 and 1.