Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hoping and wishing and praying?

Well all that finger crossing and praying for a good outcome seems to have worked.  Yesterday we saw a nice sized baby and as far as I could tell, no sign of the sch.  I can't swear it wasn't there but if it was they sure didn't measure it like they have done in the past.  I am thrilled.  The guys are thrilled.  We have a high level of thrillage.
Introducing the Canadian...minus the SCH

My co-worker's dad died this morning.  He had a stroke 26 months ago and has been sliding downhill for quite some time.  The last three weeks she has been called numerous times to come sit with him because they thought it was time for him to pass.  She is wrung out physically and emotionally and while it's horrible that she lost her parent, I'm glad that he's out of pain and that she can finally get some closure. 

Maternity clothes...how is it possible I need to buy them?  I've been pregnant 85 times.  But alas I gave all of my clothes to my step-daughter when she was pregnant last year.  I got a few things back from her but not enough to last a pregnancy.  I'm not worried about it yet as I'm not showing but might pick up a few things this weekend when we take the boys back to school shopping.  These boys are growing like weeds...they both have outgrown everything, including their socks and underwear.  New clothes are in order and in honor of that we finally bought a real 220V dryer.  After 2 years of hanging clothes and then a year of using a crappy 110V dryer, we can finally do laundry like normal people again.  So all the old clothes are out and the new ones will all be fresh and dried.  Yay. 

On a completely unrelated note, one of my favorite blogs to read, Rasta Less Traveled by Bernadette has become private.  This poor woman has been in India something like 120 days waiting for her son's lungs to develop enough to make the trip home.  Poor lady.  I feel so bad for her and will miss reading her updates. 

And that's it for now.  I have given up hoping that the heat wave will break or the drought will get better.  Neither is going to happen anytime soon.  We even took a walk tonight in the 104 degree heat (yes it is still 104 at 6 pm).  Bring it on mother nature.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big boobed? Who me?

Ok so here's a random bit of information that no one wants to hear.  I have always bought 36A bras when not pregnant and 36B bras when pregnant and 36C bras when pumping or nursing.  I hate underwires so I always buy Victoria's Secret IPEX wireless bras.  Today, while the hubster and the kidlet  wandered through GameStop, a place I refuse to set foot in, I wandered into Victoria's Secret.  An incredibly chipper woman lunged toward me with a tape measure.  Our conversation went as follows:

Would you like me to measure you?

For what?

A bra (said in an impossibly sunny way.  Who could enjoy a job that involves boob measuring?) 

Ummm...sure.  Why not?


Ummm I don't think so lady.  I have tiny boobs and my chest is way bigger than a 34.  I don't like my clothes to touch me.

Bras are supposed to touch you.

I don't like my clothes to touch me.

Well if you want perky, then you have to have the proper band size. 

Did I mention perky?  What makes you think I want perky?

(She then looks pointedly at my apprently non perky breasts).  Let's just try one on. 

So I try on a 34D.  And it fits.  And I have boobs.  And they are not small.  When did this happen?  Have I always had boobs and just not known it?  Wow. 

Alas I did not buy the bra...I don't like my clothes to touch me and I could feel the band...and it was touching me.  But it's good to know that if I ever get over the whole "clothes can't touch me" thing then I could actually fill out a t-shirt quite nicely. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Well there's that

Today I woke to the news that last night in Aurora, Colorado a man walked into a movie theatre and opened fire.  The mayor of the town says the man is "obviously deranged".  Really?  Because to me that is such a cop out.  He's not deranged or mentally ill...he's evil.  Pure and simple.  He planned an attack and executed it.  He put a bomb in his apartment in hopes of killing police that would surely go there after.  I understand that mental illness is a real thing.  I understand that some people are mentally ill.  But I also firmly believe that many people use the excuse of mental illness to do bad things and and then just say, oh you can't hold me responsible...my illness made me do it.  Bullshit.  You chose to do it.  You are evil.  God will deal with you in the end. 

On another crappy note, a local soldier died in Afghanistan.  His body was flown home and there to greet him were the quacks from the Westboro Baptist Church.  Surely you've heard of these jerks...if not look them up.  Real winners.  They protest at military funerals.  Who does that?  They are promoting hate and using "religion" to do it.  Once again I say, you are evil and God will deal with you in the end. 

As you can tell I'm in quite the mood today.  It's been 100+ degrees daily for weeks on end.  If it's 100+ degrees outside you can surely imagine how hot it is in a metal building housing an ethanol plant which include two huge ring dryers that run at over 500 degrees.  I worked for 2 hours on the seventh level of distillation yesterday..it was 158 degrees.  I have been there five years and never have I felt it so hot.  It is unbearable.  Luckily most of my day is in the air conditioned lab and even more luckily, my last day there is in sight. 

I have no pregnancy news.  I think I'm still pregnant but at that stage when you don't show so you never really know.  Hoping to see the Canadian again in a few days to confirm his continued alien status. 

And that's all.  No sunshine from me today.  I have a crazy friend (everyone wave at Sara) who claims it's not hot here yet.  She is 34 weeks pregnant.  She has obviously succumbed to pregnancy delerium because IT'S HOT. 

Missing all the good friends from Cobblestone but glad to be back into the at home routine.  The next post will hopefully show an updated ultrasound pic with a much bigger baby and a much smaller SCH.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 things

Back from vacation.

 Nausea sucks.

That is all.  :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Good news

Today we once again saw one baby, measuring 7w2d.  It had a measurable heartbeat so yay.  The SCH is still there and they did not say if it had shrunk or grown.  They said to expect more bleeding but at this point I don't care.  I cannot continue to stress so much so I'm going to say I'm pregnant until proven otherwise and leave it at that. 

They weighed me today (they always do that at this RE when you progress from trying to get pregnant to pregnant).  I weighed 7 pounds less today than at my first appointment when I was pregnant with Aurora in April 2010.  So that's another yay. 

The guys are thrilled and so am I.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ultrasound tomorrow

So what will we see:

(1) Absolutely nothing you moron.  You've been bleeding steadily and continuously for 6 days.  You have passed clots half the size of a rhinocerous.  There's no baby.  Get it through your thick head.

(2)  One baby.  This sucker is a tough little bubba and since it's Canada day we have to be positive on the chances of the Canadian making it. 

(3) A pomeranian. 

I am still unsure what to guess.  I did get the supermondo pregnancy test and it showed lines at every level so I guess that's something. 

Have I mentioned how sick I am of bleeding.  I had an 18 hour period with no bleeding and got excited but today the bleeding is back.  Frankly I'm pretty pissed about it.  I don't have this blood to lose.  I am exhausted and sick of worrying.  Come on body.  Stop it.