Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big boobed? Who me?

Ok so here's a random bit of information that no one wants to hear.  I have always bought 36A bras when not pregnant and 36B bras when pregnant and 36C bras when pumping or nursing.  I hate underwires so I always buy Victoria's Secret IPEX wireless bras.  Today, while the hubster and the kidlet  wandered through GameStop, a place I refuse to set foot in, I wandered into Victoria's Secret.  An incredibly chipper woman lunged toward me with a tape measure.  Our conversation went as follows:

Would you like me to measure you?

For what?

A bra (said in an impossibly sunny way.  Who could enjoy a job that involves boob measuring?) 

Ummm...sure.  Why not?


Ummm I don't think so lady.  I have tiny boobs and my chest is way bigger than a 34.  I don't like my clothes to touch me.

Bras are supposed to touch you.

I don't like my clothes to touch me.

Well if you want perky, then you have to have the proper band size. 

Did I mention perky?  What makes you think I want perky?

(She then looks pointedly at my apprently non perky breasts).  Let's just try one on. 

So I try on a 34D.  And it fits.  And I have boobs.  And they are not small.  When did this happen?  Have I always had boobs and just not known it?  Wow. 

Alas I did not buy the bra...I don't like my clothes to touch me and I could feel the band...and it was touching me.  But it's good to know that if I ever get over the whole "clothes can't touch me" thing then I could actually fill out a t-shirt quite nicely. 


  1. Color me confused -- if you don't want your bra to touch you, how do you keep the girls lifted??

  2. Apparently they are not lifted. My band is so loose and so comfy. Actually maybe I'll just only wear sports there's the life.

  3. I totally don't get the clothes not touching you thing. But, I think you should get one (of the D bras). It would be fun!