Friday, July 20, 2012

Well there's that

Today I woke to the news that last night in Aurora, Colorado a man walked into a movie theatre and opened fire.  The mayor of the town says the man is "obviously deranged".  Really?  Because to me that is such a cop out.  He's not deranged or mentally ill...he's evil.  Pure and simple.  He planned an attack and executed it.  He put a bomb in his apartment in hopes of killing police that would surely go there after.  I understand that mental illness is a real thing.  I understand that some people are mentally ill.  But I also firmly believe that many people use the excuse of mental illness to do bad things and and then just say, oh you can't hold me illness made me do it.  Bullshit.  You chose to do it.  You are evil.  God will deal with you in the end. 

On another crappy note, a local soldier died in Afghanistan.  His body was flown home and there to greet him were the quacks from the Westboro Baptist Church.  Surely you've heard of these jerks...if not look them up.  Real winners.  They protest at military funerals.  Who does that?  They are promoting hate and using "religion" to do it.  Once again I say, you are evil and God will deal with you in the end. 

As you can tell I'm in quite the mood today.  It's been 100+ degrees daily for weeks on end.  If it's 100+ degrees outside you can surely imagine how hot it is in a metal building housing an ethanol plant which include two huge ring dryers that run at over 500 degrees.  I worked for 2 hours on the seventh level of distillation was 158 degrees.  I have been there five years and never have I felt it so hot.  It is unbearable.  Luckily most of my day is in the air conditioned lab and even more luckily, my last day there is in sight. 

I have no pregnancy news.  I think I'm still pregnant but at that stage when you don't show so you never really know.  Hoping to see the Canadian again in a few days to confirm his continued alien status. 

And that's all.  No sunshine from me today.  I have a crazy friend (everyone wave at Sara) who claims it's not hot here yet.  She is 34 weeks pregnant.  She has obviously succumbed to pregnancy delerium because IT'S HOT. 

Missing all the good friends from Cobblestone but glad to be back into the at home routine.  The next post will hopefully show an updated ultrasound pic with a much bigger baby and a much smaller SCH.

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  1. Waving!! Yes, I'm not too hot yet, despite countless softball games, however I work in an overly air conditioned office building all day. If I were you I'd be packing ice packs in my bra.