Saturday, January 14, 2012

My latest addiction

So I have discovered a new addiction. It's a website called


I exercise enough, I just eat too much. This website has a way to track what you eat and let me tell you, it's database has every darn thing you can even think of eating. I LOVE IT. When I have to actually type in 3 pieces of chocolate cake with chocolate icing at 200 calories a piece, it is a really good motivation to not eat those 3 pieces of cake. I started tracking my meals on this site on Wednesday of this week and that has really cleaned up my eating. I never realized how many calories I was eating before....I estimate I was easily consuming 3000 calories a day, if not more. No wonder my weight stalled at 135 and then crept up to 140. Here I was blaming it on the years of infertility hormones and in truth, it was just my fat butt eating too much.

Hoping to lose ten pounds or so. I am still on birth control pills to control my cycles and those mess with my weight a bit but I'm not going to let that be an excuse any longer.

So if you're looking for weightloss motivation, mosey on over to and read the success stories. Awesome.

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