Sunday, November 3, 2013

What would (fill in the blank) do?

Surrogates need someone to worship so that when we have a surrogate(ish) quandary we can be all like :  What would (xxx) do?  So for the purpose of this blog entry, I will call my surrogate idol Libbigail.  She is the one with all the answers when it comes to surrogacy. 

So let's start over:  What would Libbigail do...

I guess I need a bit of an introduction before I jump right into this.  I'm hopped up on chocolate right now (a whole flipping batch of fudge if you must know).  I blame that on Joe and the kids.  They have all left and I didn't want the fudge to feel left out or abandoned or just unwanted so I was forced to eat it.  All. 

Alone you say?  Hold the phone.  I'm home ALONE.  Hallelujah.  Joe and boy #3 went to the mall.  Boy #2 is enjoying his last few hours of freedom before basketball practice starts next week.  I should be typing but my boss hates me and sent me an affidavit of someone who mumbles.  And has a speech impediment.  So every time I start typing it I have to stop because I'm laughing hysterically which is inappropriate on so many levels because I don't really hate mumblers or those with speech impediments...once again I blame the chocolate which if you go back to paragraph two, is really the fault of Joe and the kids. 

So while avoiding the mumbling speech impediment prone complainant, I checked my e-mail and there was gorgeous pictures of my most recent surrogate spawn and more talk of a sibling project.  Which brings us to: 

What would Libbigail do?

1.  Encourage the guys to find a younger, less sliced surrogate (this is obviously the right choice.  I know this is the right choice.  We are going with this choice).

2.  Go get screened because maybe I am the right choice.  (I am not the right choice.  I know I heal well but come on already.  This whole serial pregnancy thing has to stop somewhere.  It's starting to get embarrassing). 

3.  Keep pumping so that 2 is not a choice and 1 becomes the only choice.  This is also a good choice bur really, shouldn't I be adult enough to just say no to my whole "I wanna gestate forever" thing.  Plus have you ever pumped long term?  I've pumped for 8 months now.  Almost 9 months.  Every day.  7 to 8 times a day.  My nipples could have their own zip code.  I have personally donated to five babies and also to a milk bank.  Pumping is good.  But really this must end sometime.

I know what I should do.  I know what is right to do.  But I also am fairly confident that I could carry again because I heal well and my uterus "looks great" according to my OB.  I want what is best for the guys and surely a younger surrogate is better for them.  I know I'm healthy and work out and have great surrogate-friendly insurance but still.  

Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and my uterus will have fallen out.  That would fix the whole issue right there...


  1. I can definitely empathize with what a difficult decision this is. Fingers crossed for clarity (without your uterus falling out!) :)

  2. Haha!! I totally understand. I kept saying, this last one, was the LAST one. But, then the guys want a sibling. Oh OK, twist my arm. But, then I swear!! Haha

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  4. Big decision! I love your statement about "serial pregnancy"..that had me laughing out loud for sure, probably because I can relate. I have 5 of my own kids, had twins as a GS in July and am now happily macthed for journey #2! I love being pregnant! The last thing i want in my life is a take-home baby for myself but i figure, as long as my body keeps its track record of stellar pergnancies and quick healing, i will press onward and continue gestating for others. I say, GO for it!! Be the strong, proud surrogate that you are - we all roar in our own way, and this is yours! ~Heather