Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be warned:

I have started crafting a long, sure to be incredibly boring post about insurance and surrogacy. To be covered:
1. should private insureres be forced to cover surrogacy (ie no exclusions allowed).
2. should the ips insurance or the surros insurance cover the pregnancy
3. should medicaid cover surrogacy (yeah I'm gonna go there)

But while I work on that blog I will give you something hopefully a tad bit more interesting to chew on right now. What shall I discuss?

The mercedes debacle of 2011? That would be a doozy of a post. Lets just say it involves me, a mercedes I did not buy but was forced to deal with, 2500 dollars, 200 dollars and a junk yard. How's that for a teaser?

I could talk about boy #2 turning 13 tomorrow.

I could talk about boy #1 turning 18 in 28 days (where is that darn time machine...March 12th can't come soon enough).

I could give you baby updates. Aurora is huge and 10 weeks old. She is by far the biggest baby I have ever grown. Georg & Adrian have moved "up" to the next class at preschool. Dylan & Ella are preparing for kindergarten.

I could talk about the upcoming wedding. Girl #1 is getting married in 2 months. I will be a mother-in-law. How weird is that?

I could talk about how I have managed to get within 10 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm stuck here and can't seem to lose anymore. I have stopped pumping (yay) and that is usually good for a 5 pound weight loss but NADA. Grrr.

I could talk about the fact that even though I was sure last week that I was quitting my job, this week I'm not sure. Indecisiveness is the new sexy you know.

And because indecisiveness is the new sexy, I am also pondering one more go round in the ole (and old) uterus. But that pondering is all I will probably do.

But I won't talk about any of that. I will simply say how thankful I am for a warmer day (woo hoo it is 41 here) and melting snow (we have 20 inches on the ground)and a somewhat peaceful day at home. Life is good for now and that is good enough for me.

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