Monday, February 6, 2012

Puking a lung out?

Now I've heard of coughing a lung up but had never heard of puking a lung out. I didn't think it was possible. But last night, I'm pretty sure I puked a lung out. It all started Saturday with the boy puking. Luckily the other boy was at his mom's and so hopefullly has been saved from puking his lung out. So the boy pukes all day Saturday and by Saturday evening he's trying chicken broth. I felt fine. The hubster felt fine. We lysoled every inch of the house, got new toothbrushes, washed all the sheets and blankets, and thought we were good to go.

Alas, no.

Yesterday about 5pmish I was finishing the last of my weekend work (and can I just say that I got no new work today and it feels WEIRD). Anywho, just as I was finishing up the last 3 min of transcription my stomach started to gurgle. Ruh roh. This can't be good. The next six hours passed in a blur of diarhea, moaning, cold sweats, moaning, hot sweats, moaning, vomiting, moaning, lamaze breathing (for the love of God....the stomach cramps were awful), and did I mention moaning? Somewhere around 10pm I'm sure I puked my lung out.

Fell asleep, got up this morning went to work just fine and within two hours there was that ominous gurgling noise again. I fled work and made it home and here I lay. The boy has not eaten in two days and has lost 14 pounds. I have not eaten in one day and have lost 5. I think we are both starting to feel a smidge better finally and I will be ready to do both jobs again tomorrow but for tonight, I'm not moving from this bed.

The hubster just texted me that he is now contaminated too. Poor him. Let's hope the other boy can stay healthy. Urgh.

I wonder if puking a lung out lowers blood estrogen levels?

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