Monday, April 2, 2012

Our experiment with hanging clothes

This is a cautionary tale:

So our house is 100+ years old and has NO 220 outlets. When we moved in we had a gas dryer on the back porch but the gas line broke and we had to shut if off. Not a big deal since we have a 220 outlet in the back house. So for a few years we had a dryer in teh back house. Then the oldest daughter moved in back there and we started hanging our clothes on lines in the basement. (Can you see where this going?). For awhile things worked fine but then some of the clothes started to smell, especially anything that had been sweated in. Yuck. So finally, a few weeks ago, we found an answer...a 110 dryer. Didn't even know they made them. So slowly we are making the clothes smell good again although some of them still stink after being worn. My next project will be buying a bunch of new clothes for the kids I guess since we don't want them to smell. Note to self: dryers are a necessity.

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