Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad blogger, bad bad blogger

Has it really been a month since I posted?  How is that possible? 

The Swedish guys have found a surrogate.  I am thrilled for them.  Because of laws regarding insurance they had to use a surrogate in either Massachusetts or California and they found a wonderful one in Mass.  She is a first time surrogate who has never had a c-section so I'm hoping they will get to experience a vaginal birth for the first time since we ended up with c-sections for their three kids that I carried.  I would LOVE for them to get to experience a more natural birth. 

The Canadian guys and I are still here, still cycling.  Hopefully the third time will be the charm.  We are contemplating putting in two embryos this time since the SET (single embryo transfer)s have such a low success rate (less than 40%).  Not sure what the final decision will be.  I know I'm sick to death of flying to the east coast but I'm sure they're even more sick of footing the bill for me to fly to the east coast so I figure if they want to stick with SETs that is fine with me.  What's another cycle of cancer causing meds followed by a cross country jaunt, right? 

Boy #1 is still working.  I think he has a new apartment to move in to...a two bedroom this time.  He's paying all his bills and doing well.  He's still a 19 year old boy so he does dumb things sometimes but at least right now he's doing typical 19 year old dumb things.  He's still planning to go to college at night this fall.

Girl #1 has moved down south.  She is job hunting and is enrolled in school.  We miss her already. 

Girl #2 has finished her finals.  She is working overnights and likes it but misses her baby a lot.  I told her when she figures out how to balance working and motherhood to let me know because 20 years later I haven't figured it out yet.

Boy #2 graduated from 8th grade.  He gave the commencement speech and was really good.  He had us laughing and then crying.  He also won an award for an essay he wrote (clueless mom alert...I didn't even know he wrote the essay) and gets 100 dollars and a plaque.  His latest coup is he made the traveling varsity basketball team for the high school.  36 games in the month of June.  Can we say EGADS. 

Boy #1 graduates from 8th grade in about 2 weeks.  He's decided to do summer school for PE so he won't have to take it in the fall and get all sweaty and have to sit around stinky all day.  I was actually shocked he signed up for summer school but it's fine.  Probably better to be doing something in the summer anyway. 

Joe asked me the other day where all our money goes (not in a mean way...he was just curious).  As a demonstration I sent him to the grocery store.  He came home knowing exactly where our money goes.  The 7 gallons of milk the boys drink a week...that's 25 bucks right there.  Thank goodness we don't buy juice or soda.  Milk or water is it.  Can't imagine how much more we would spend it we bought juice and soda.

And that's about it.  I still go into the lab about once a week to finish stuff up.  I am still typing (FML note...I typed about 120 pages of affidavits on Wed/Thurs and then a power surge fried my computer and I lost all of them.  I am currently in the process of retyping...and I bought a surge protector.  Lesson learned.)

Joe still loves his new job.  He gets to be an IT geek, get paid to do it, and the kids can go to college for free.  Win/win.  He rides the motorcyle whenever he can and that saves us a ton on gas. 

Nothing else new. Until next time....

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