Sunday, May 27, 2012

Air shows, travel plans and changes of plans

Hubster and I went to an airshow yesterday for Memorial Day.  It was 95 degrees and the sun was blazing.  Needless to say, we did not stay as long as planned but did spend 3 hours on the tarmac looking at planes and enjoying the show.  The air show turned out to be a joint venture between the Canadians and the Americans which I found pretty cool in light of my current joint venture with two Canadians. 

Speaking of which:  I have a flight plan.  I have a motel booked and a rental car booked.  Before I know it I will be on the east coast again, my third trip there in less than a year.  Enough already with the travel, let's move on to the pregnancy part.  Every time someone says that surrogacy is a "get rich quick scheme" I just laugh.  More like a "go crazy slowly" scheme.  The guys and I have been matched and cycling for over a year now and they still have no baby which really really sucks for them.  Hopefully third times the charm. 

Once again there have been a ton of changes in our lives in the last month (or actually the last week).  To sum it up, Joe is a stay at home dad again for awhile.  We'll leave it at that.  I'm happy about it, he's happy about it and so it's all good.  Change number two is that the back house is now empty again.  I miss Thomas but he's out on his own and that's how 19 year old's should be.  He moved into his own place and we are thrilled for him.  The back house is really just too old and run down to live in and I'm sure he was happy to get a better place. 

I guess that's it.  I'm hoping my next update in a month or so will be a postive pregnancy test.  Fingers and all other appendages crossed. 

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