Friday, June 1, 2012

Too much time

When I have that rare aligning of the stars that allows me to have too much time on my hands, I'm a horrible internet browser.  I'll click on anything (well not is not my thing and neither is torture or anything to do with spiders or child abuse) but other than that, I'm game.  So today I started at one blog, clicked on another, linked to another, and somehow found myself far from where I started, reading the blog of a mother who has lost her twins at 20 weeks.  The entire blog is wonderful (well not wonderful but real and painful) and she gets what losing a child is like but I wish she didn't, I wish no one else knew what that felt like.  The post below has me in tears.  It makes me sad for all the pain she has endured and the pain she will endure.  It makes me sad for me and all other mothers who will lose a child.  Samantha would be 17 next month.

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