Thursday, June 28, 2012

A positive spin on things?

In general  I try to be a positive person.  No matter what life throws my way I try to see it in a positive light.  So this whole bleeding thing...I'm trying.  This time I started bleeding on Tuesday I think and I've bled steadily since. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light.  Sometimes horrible cramps, sometimes light.  Always bright red blood.  I no longer assume that this means there's a baby falling out of me but no matter how many people tell me their stories about SCH, my brain just keeps screaming...


I have no restrictions, in fact the clinic acts as if nothing is wrong. Hmmm. They were very upbeat and positive with the guys so I will be too. No one seems to even want to hear that I'm bleeding so I won't tell them anymore (or still).

In the pic below the small sac is the baby and the large sac is the bleed.  Yeah, that totally looks normal and positive and upbeat. 


  1. Do they at least have you scheduled for regular ultrasounds to keep an eye on the bleed? Bleeding during pregnancy is the freakiest thing ever, no matter how many people tell you it happened to them and everything turned out fine.

  2. I am so sorry you are dealing with this bleeding. I have been bleeding since Sunday. Freaking out big time. And, I agree, no matter how many times I hear "Its just one of those things." I want to scream. It feels wrong.