Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good news all around

First and most importantly: 

Bernadette is home.  I cried when I read this post.  I am thrilled for her.  What a trooper she was through her whole Indian adventure. 



After being falsely diagnosed with a somewhat horrible disease, I have found out that that diagnosis was wrong and that I will not be:
  1.  Dying of liver cancer.
  2.  Sick as a dog for weeks.
  3.  A danger to the baby I am carrying. 

Can we get a thank heavens on that one? 

This has honestly been the most stressful, worry filled pregnancy I have ever had.  Sick and tired of worrying.  I will have no trouble or issues hanging up the uterus after this adventure because frankly I am DONE being pregnant.  This is majorly sucking and I hate to say that because this is the guys' dream but the all day, every day sickness, the fatigue, the "oh by the way you have a horrible disease" misdiagnosis, the bleeding, the three transfers to get to here.  Stick a fork in me.  The uterus is singing. 

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