Saturday, August 25, 2012

15 weeks

It's hard to believe we are already 15 weeks.  I am starting to look a tiny bit preggo but no one can really tell but me.  I usually show around 18ish weeks so I have a bit.  Every now and then I think I feel the Canadian squirm a bit.  I usually rent a doppler to check on the heartrate but have been so busy this time that I never got around to it.  Busy?  Why you ask? 

+ The hubster's truck died.  500 dollars later it now works again. 
+ Promptly three days later the hubster's motorcycle died.  500 dollars later it now works again (are you sensing a theme here?)
+ A week ago my car started leaking coolant.  It goes to the shop tomorrow.  I fully expect it to cost 500 dollars which means it will cost a grand.  Oh well.  I am SO joyful that I get to drive the truck to work next week.  The truck has no a/c.  Joy. 

Work you ask?  You mean like the job I quit?  Well there's that.  I put my notice in and got a complete guilt trip about how if I quit they could not hire anyone else to replace me as there is a hiring freeze due to the horrible economics in the ethanol industry.  That whole drought thing is not any better for us than it is for farmers.  Anywho I agreed to work for an undertermined amount of time, which basically means I will go in some day, get really cranky, and quit.  Until that undertermined date, I am still working there.  Most weeks it's fine but did I mention we are in the midst of a drought?  Well we are.  And drought and heat cause mycotoxins in the corn.  And I am the one at work that tests for mycotxins (what started as a cunning move toward job security has backfired horribly).  We have mycotoxin contamination.  A lot of it.  So I am working A LOT to test for it.  In fact this week I've worked 52 hours.  Egads.  This too shall pass...that's my mantra right now.  I feel really bad for my co-worker and I'm trying to stick it out for her sake but yeah...not having much fun right now.  On a positive note, every month that I delay quitting is one less month I have to pay 900 a month for COBRA health insurance benefits.  When I do finally quit we will buy the COBRA through the duration of the pregnancy and then get a private policy for all of us.  Until then....

Still typing too which is actually pretty relaxing and entertaining.  I'm still astounded by how many people feel discriminated against.  It's very eye opening. 

Younger two kids started high school.  Now if that statement doesn't make you feel old I don't know what will.  Two of older three are in college, the third is working. 

And that's about it.  I just got home from 8 hours at work and need to figure out dinner and then type a bit.  Life is good.  The Canadian dads will be down for the 20 week ultrasound which should be cool as I've never had the parents come for that ultrasound.  Will post a belly pick when there is a belly to get a pic of. 

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