Monday, September 3, 2012

Ouch, small goal reached, large goal reached

First for the ouch:  My cars owie was a water pump.  676 dollars later it runs again.  Well except it still says low coolant so back to the shop it goes and back to driving the truck I go.  Luckily it is supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow so the non-airconditioned truck should be awesome. 

Small goal:  Finally, finally, finally have a guest bedroom in the house.  Over the years, on and off, we've had a guest room but then one of the older kids would need a bed in their house so we'd give them the guest bed and then the room would morph into some other use.  When we bought the dryer and turned the laundry room into a workout room, that allowed the old workout room to become a guest room (confused yet?  So is my hubster. He never knows what a room will be when he walks into it.)  Anywho, today my mom made her guest room into a workout room and gave us her old futon which is actually nice and thick and makes a perfect bed and voila, we have a guest room. It is something small but we have friends coming down for visits several times in the next few months and it's nice to have dedicated room to put them. 

Large goal:  Have I spoken about the husband's mustang obsession?  No? Lucky you.  The man never shuts up about mustangs.  I have been stashing money away for two years to satisfy this need of his and Friday I told him he could buy the one he had his eyes on.  He almost cried.  Of course there's one small doesn't run but that will be fixed tomorrow (if you are keeping track that will be two cars in two different shops tomorrow). 

16 weeks pregnant now.  Still not really showing.  Feeling occasional movement but not a ton. 

I talked to my mom a lot today about my job situation and what to do.  After talking with her I'm more sure than ever of my choice to quit and just do transcription.  Now to just actually do something about it.  I have never been so sure of a decision in my life and yet so incapable of pulling the trigger on it.  Quick someone send me some balls...I apparently need some. 

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