Sunday, September 23, 2012

When you can hear their smiles in their text responses....

Yep that's when you know you're a surrogate. 

I recorded the Canadian's heartbeat yesterday and texted the video to the guys.  They are really starting to get excited.  It took us so long to get pregnant this time (I truly had SETs...for some reason my body always gets pregnant with one less than we put in...other than that first time fiasco of putting in 3 and getting 4 so every time I put in 1 I don't get preggo.  I know that SETs are the gold standard now but I am so glad we put in 2 the final time.  I truly believe we would not have a Canadian growing had we only put in 1) that I don't think it has truly sunk in for the guys that there is indeed a baby in residence.  In two weeks they will see that baby with their own eyes.  Can't wait to see their faces.  :)

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