Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Sometimes someone gets it so right that all you need to do is point in their direction and their words  say it all.  This article is one of those times.


I have always said that not everyone will "get" surrogacy and it is rather presumptuous of me to assume that my viewpoint on surrogacy is the right one.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there will always be those who think that what surrogates do is wrong.  I can honestly say that I have never met anyone, even the nurses who start out thinking that surrogacy is wrong, who's viewpoint stands up very long when they see the new parents holding their baby.  That look, not only the "Thank you" that Kym speaks of in her article but just the look of overwhelming joy and peace and the look of "Finally we are a family"  is the sole reason I'm a surrogate.  It makes the pain and the hassle and the misunderstandings of others all worth it.  I feel sorry for those who have never been in the room to witness that look.  Fellow surrogates get it.  Parents through surrogacy get it.  If the rest of the world doesn't, that's ok by me. 

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