Friday, October 4, 2013

2 weeks in

I am two weeks into my notice at work.  I have four (ish) weeks to go.  I got really mad at them one day and threatened to just leave but I don't really want to go out like that so I am still there, working out my notice, but more on my terms.  Since they wanted a longer leave than I wanted to give, we negotiated part time hours.  I work 6:30 am to 10:30 am and then am home typing in the afternoons.  That lasts for a few more weeks and if they hire someone it ends immediately.  I really hope they hire someone soon.  I saw my job posted in the newspaper and it seemed really weird but still right.  I think their biggest problem finding a replacement is that they don't want to pay for what they want.  I imagine they will end up hiring another assistant and not a tech like I was. 

On another note, I found insurance that will cover me for pregnancy...with no surrogacy exclusion.  Not that I'm getting pregnant...because I'm not...but just in case. 

The Swedes are headed this way for one final visit before they fly home.  We have had several long meals with them and have really enjoyed their visit.  They are wonderful, the family is wonderful, and every time I see this family I helped create I get this warm glow.  Surrogacy is awesome.  :)

Will post pictures later of the Swedes. The kids are adorable and the dads are tired but great. 


  1. Hi Susan,

    Just used a gestational carrier and my twins were born 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately one died 11 days after birth. We are looking for another carrier. I'm in CT. Are you going to do surrogacy again?

    Nicole (

  2. How heart wrenching Nicole. How is the other twin? Were they preemies? I wish you peace...I know how difficult the loss of a child can be. As for me...I think my uterus is closed. My husband would run screaming for the hills if I ever pondered another surrogacy.