Monday, May 31, 2010

Am I really pregnant?

This has been my latest worry. Because you can never have enough worries right?

I had an ultrasound at 10w1d and there was very definitely a baby and a heartbeat in there. Found an OB and had the nurses consultation but have not actually seen the OB yet. So now I am 14w3d and I have felt a wiggle or two but not consistently. I have gained a bit of weight. The boobs are huge (DH walks around staring at my chest. I honestly think that they only reason he consents to my being a surrogate is that for a few brief months my A cups morph into C cups.) and I have food cravings. But I don't look pregnant. So am I? I was supposed to finally see the OB on Wednesday but they cancelled on me and now it is the following Tuesday. So in another week hopefully a doppler will ease my worry. Until then, I guess I will continue to obsess.

Things that make me go....WHAT?

Today I got called in to work. Most people would be annoyed by this but since it's a holiday all I could think was time and a half plus 8 hours of holiday pay. So I headed off to work. Five hours later I am driving home and I pass three cars in a row with female drivers with mini-dogs on their laps. If you are prone to driving around with a mini dog on your're gonna want to leave now. It's gonna get ugly. I just don't get how it can be legal to drive around with a living, breathing creature on your lap? How is this not dangerous? It's not like these creatures lay quietly and look out the window.....they are too freaking small to see out the window without perching their front paws on the door. So you know they are constantly readjusting their tiny back paws for balance. On the drivers lap. I say again....How is this not dangerous? And why would you want to drive with a dog in your lap. I have friends who are lap dog drivers. I do not understand it. I have been known to be wrong though (that one time) so please, if you are a lap dog driver, let me know why? And if you slam on your brakes do you do the instinctive right hand across the chest of your child in the passenger seat or do you save the tiny lap dog? Or do you do both and just stop steering the car? Enlighten me.

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