Friday, October 29, 2010

Energy? Where did that come from?

So all of the sudden I have energy again. Not sure why. It's not like nesting's just all of the sudden I don't feel like I've been wrung out by the end of the day. It is an awesome feeling. Maybe it's just because my cold is finally on the downhill.

OB appt yesterday. Weight gain is 21 pounds so far. Baby is good. I am good. Blood pressure was 102/61. Healthy as a horse. She is out of the office next week so my option was to see her partner (no thanks) or wait until the following week. So I see her again at 38 weeks. Yesterday was my first day of tons of Braxton Hicks contractions and as I lay here and type this, more are hitting. They are not regular and they are not the real thing but they are starting to be uncomfortable enough to make me sit up and take notice. And all of the sudden I realize that I'm expected to deliver this baby in the next few weeks. Wow.

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