Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do I miss it?

Surrogacy that is. And pregnancy.

For right now, I don't miss surrogacy but I do miss pregnancy. I miss having a baby tumbling about in my belly. I can tell that I am getting close to being 6 weeks postpartum because I've forgotten about the annoying aspects of pregnancy and am starting to romanticize it. Not that I had very many annoying aspects with the last pregnancy....I think I got off remarkably easy.

I can't honestly say if I will be a surrogate again. Part of me really wants to but part of me doesn't. Until I am sure one way or another I will not make any decisions. I love helping to create families but I can't imagine having to find another couple, meet them, and then start all over with the process again. Ugh. Plus the kids are getting older and they are so active and have so many activities now. But then I also can't imagine never being pregnant again and never being a surrogate again. So for right now, I am making no decisions. If I had to make a choice today, I would say I am a retired surrogate.

Work is going well. We are staying very busy and talking about expansion. I love my job and will probably work there forever unless boy #2 goes to Catholic high school in which case I guess I will find a chemist job there. I could make alot more money in Columbia but I don't like the idea of driving every day and will only do it if I have to drive there to take the kid to school there anyway. Joe has a new job that he loves. It does not pay well at all but he is happy there and that is more important than money anyway. Between what he makes and what I make we can pay the bills and save a bit and that is all that matters.

We have bought four new pairs of glasses and a set of contacts in the last two weeks. All out of pocket because of my crappy vision insurance at work. First I got new glasses (my first pair in 3 years) and then Joe did. We took the boys for eye exams in August and neither needed new glasses (yay...or so we thought). Then boy #2's teacher said he couldn't see the board with his glasses so we took him back and his prescription had changed so he got new glasses and is trying contacts. Then last week boy #3 broke his glasses and we just ordered new ones for him. So hopefully we are done buying glasses for awhile..just in time for the semi-annual dental exams and annual physicals. Kids are expensive.

P90X is going well. It's honestly alot easier than I expected but will definitely get me into shape. My fat fat pants are too big now and so I'm wearing my fat pants. I'm probably still ten pounds away from my normal pants and twenty pounds away from my skinny pants. I figure I should be into my normal pants in another two or three months. I was hoping to be into my skinny pants by this summer when we go to the dude ranch.

Dude ranch? Yep we are taking the boys to a dude ranch for a week. The boys both love horseback riding and so do we. This particular ranch also has canoeing and swimming and rock climbing and rapelling. Can't wait. We will be spending the last of Joe's small inheritance that he got this summer on the trip. We have also started saving for next summer's trip to Europe. None of us have ever been out of the country so it should be alot of fun.

That's enough rambling for now.

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  1. Sounds like everything is going very well for you!! I want to see some before and after p90x pics! haha