Wednesday, January 26, 2011

8 weeks already

Tomorrow I am 8 weeks postpartum. Life has resumed and is back to normal, whatever that is. I get a text message maybe once a week from the guys. No pics yet but they are busy. After over 3 years of so much contact with them it feels strange to have them drifting away but it is natural and I know it. Even if the friendship dies because of distance, I will always know that there is a family in Sweden that is there in part because of me.

Joe and I are currently in week 4 of p90x. It is not too hard but not too easy. My legs are getting toned up and my glutes are also. My arms look bigger but are not cut at all so they just look fat. Urgh. Abs are mushy and gushy still.

I have been pumping for a local baby but the mother never acted like she needed the milk. It was more a matter of her doing me a favor and taking the milk so I didn't have to throw it away. Anywho, I am almost done pumping....down to 3 times a day and only getting maybe 16 ounces total for the whole day. And when Joe took her milk on Sunday she said she was so glad to have it because she couldn't afford formula. Egads. I wish she had told me that earlier. Now I'm tempted to cycle my milk supply back up but I really, really, really don't want to be pumping anymore. I will continue my 3 times a day pumpings but I don't think I will go back to 4. I expect to be done pumping in less than a week. I am so torn about it though. I hate stopping. It is very emotionally satisfying to pump and it really only costs me maybe 5 dollars a week for bags.

Still not feeling as if I will do another surrogacy. Guess if I am retired I will have to rename the about Adventures in the Lab. Hmmmm.

Still pondering quitting my job on and off. Really can't decide one way or the other. Really miss the kids but not sure I would like being home full time. Maybe I will find a part time job?

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