Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly update

Ok...I admit it. My life is boring. And it only gets more boring in between surrogacies. But here's my weekly recap:

Kids are all good. Four of the five are on the straight and narrow and doing really well. The other one....well yeah. Right now he is so far from teh straight and narrow that I'm not sure he could see the straight and narrow with a high power telescope. But as they can lead a horse to water.....

Work is fine. Not great, not awful. Just keep plugging along and in 30 years I can retire.

P90X is fine. Not great, not awful. Just keep plugging along and in 76 days I will be a beauty queen, right? Not? Hmmm.....oh well.

Joe and I had our 8th anniversary the other day. Joe turns 41 next week and then Sarah turns 18 the following week. In less than 3 months three of our five kids will be adults. How weird is that?

Amanda (oldest child) is getting married in four months. How weird is that?

Still pumping and trying to stop. The boobs are not cooperating with the stopping and then for some reason when the production does go down I panic and have to fight the urge to pump more to build it back up. Pumping sucks and I want to be done but I find myself not wanting to let go of what could be my last link to my fertility. Ever. How final is that?

We had 9 people for dinner tonight...felt great to have the house full of noise and laughter again. Frequently now it is just Joe and I rambling about in our 4800 square foot monstrosity and it is so quiet. It is strange to think that in six years it will always be just us. How weird.

So yeah...just another boring week around here but boring is good. Kids continue to grow and thrive. Joe and I get older and hopefully wiser. Bring on another boring week.

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  1. I'm still reading... just remember, boring is always good.

    love ya!