Monday, August 1, 2011

Why do I feel like crying

Got an email today from the Swedish guys. They have decided to have another child. And will be using another surrogate. Which makes perfect sense...I'm not available anyway and they thought I was retired. It's not like I've been rejected. And yet I feel....REJECTED. When I think of another surrogate bonding with them, my big green monster tries to come out big time. But in the end, I am mostly just thrilled for them. They fought back against cancer and won. They are secure in their family. And they want to add on. What a wonderful thing. So yeah, I am crying. But I'm smiling through those tears. I always knew that my life would move away from them as time went on and it has. Now they are really moving on and while it feels a bit sad for me, for them it is wonderful. A new baby will be around and new babies are delicious.

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