Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving....

I have so much to be thankful for. I won't bore you with the list but let's just say that all is well in my little world. I pray for those whose lives are not so happy on this day.

I have laryngitis for the first time ever. I think my husband is happy...when we go to my mom's he might actually get a word in edgewise for once. I don't feel bad at all...just have no voice.

Do you shop on black friday? I don't. For one, I'm one of 11 people on the planet that has to work. For two, I do not like crowds so would probably die if I attempted shopping on that day. I am sending my poor hubby to Sears because there's one deal we can't pass up...laundry detergent. Like I said, a black friday shopper I am not. I prefer to do my Xmas shopping on a weekday in December. There are crowds but not unbearable ones.

No news on the surrogacy front. The guys are still comparing egg donors and surrogates. I am enjoying not being on meds for the first time since June. It's all good.

The basketball team is still undefeated, though we expect the winning streak to end next week at the South Shelby tournament.

I will end this now and go make something chocolate, as that is what I have been instructed to bring for Thanksgiving (the apple did not fall far from the tree).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.

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