Friday, November 18, 2011

Holy bacon.....we're good

And by we I don't mean me.

First some background:
St. Brendan's is a very small Catholic school. Very small as in less kids total in pre-k through 8 than are in the middle school here. Very small as in 13 kids in 8th grade. Total. Very, very small.

These kids have played basketball for years and frankly just plain sucked for years. The girls have been good for a few years now because they had some amazing players and an awesome coach. This year they lost their two best players and no one expected the girls to be any good. As for the boys....well they have always put forth the effort and tried hard but could just never really get there. They lost. A lot. You know how they say everyone needs to learn to lose and that losing builds character. Well they have learned to lose. And they have gallons of character.

Fast forward to this year. It has all clicked. We have massive clickage. These kids are awesome. Boys and girls both. Totally awesome. It is so fun to watch because these are all good kids, great students, and they are out there having fun. They are literally dismantling the other teams. They have a wicked press and they can rattle any team. The girls are short but they are so tough. The boys are not short but they are not tall. Last nights team was a lot taller than them. Didn't matter. I know that tougher opponents are on the horizon. I know that they will not have an undefeated season. I know that they are getting ready to play a tournament that is a definite step up (heck a leap up) from their current level of play. But for right now, at this moment, they are both undefeated. They have worked so hard for this and we are so proud of them all. And they are so fun to watch.

On a personal, "Hey that's my kid" note, boy #2 has been offered a full ride basketball/academic scholarship to one of the regional Catholic high schools in the area. He rocks. :)

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