Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well that sucked

Long story short (which might eventually be long again if I ever get a free minute to blog)....I transferred one lone frozen embryo and the transfer failed. I feel awful for my guys. They have decided to take a break and I don't blame them. They only have two embryos left and they want to make sure they give those embryos the best chance. They only want to transfer one at a time but they are going to explore whether a younger surrogate might offer them a higher chance of success. I completely support that. My goal was always to help them become parents and if to do that they need to get a different surrogate then that is what they need to do. I am waiting on that wonderful post transfer period to come. You know the one that comes with cramps that feel like labor pains and blood loss that makes you think a transfusion is in your future. Yeah. Good times.

I still need to give details on the transfer trip from hell. It snowed. Alot. The airport got closed down. The national guard got sent in. I slept on the floor and had no food or water for 20+ hours. Can't imagine why that transfer failed, can you? Anywho, I'll get around to that eventually.

Boy #2 is going to a youth in government convention tomorrow. I think he will be bored senseless but hey, who am I to say.

Boy #3 has a science project he is working on. Ugh. Not a fan of the science project thing but he has a good idea for this one and is making progress on it.

Grandbaby is doing well and growing finally. She is so cute now and really starting to stay awake longer. We took her to her first basketball game and she just watched the game and actually didn't scream.

I found another job that I'm going to apply for. I love my job and I doubt I can make what I make at this new job but I figure any time there's a science job in the area it can't hurt to apply for it.

And that's it. I'd like to say I'll have a longer post soon but yeah, I doubt it. It's 10pm now and I am in bed typing this. I still need to iron boy #2's suit for tomorrow, finish packing for him, figure out how to make an endoplasmic reticulum out of pipe cleaner and glue for boy #3, pack lunches for tomorrow, cure cancer, and figure out that whole world peace thing. :)

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