Sunday, January 6, 2013

On final approach

We are nearing the end here folks.  C-section is scheduled.  We have discussed labor, delivery, breastfeeding (I will be breastfeeding the baby in the hospital and then pumping afterwards).  I have asked off for work, have my release to return to work that the doctor has to sign, have my "master plan" in my head for how my life will go after, have a set of triplets that I will be pumping for after the Canadian goes home.  I'm as ready as I will ever be.  And yet part of me is already shriveling do you say goodbye to a large part of who you are.  How do you sum up a year and a half of friendship and partnership and close it out and move on.  I've done it three times before.  I can and will do it again.  I am not sad, I am just...I don't know.  Other surrogates get one else really can.  The end of a great adventure is near, with all the drastic shifts that that entails.  All I can do is sit by and wait and watch and try to be prepared for the storm of emotions that are approaching.  Here we go again last time. 


  1. Oh your post today stuck home as my first set of surro twins head home. No one can understand that emotions! Good Luck you!

  2. I don't think there are any right words - so I'll just say I understand and hope these last few weeks treat you well and you can enjoy every last moment of this pregnancy!

  3. You are amazing (I think I have said that before!). I can't imagine the day I am finally done. I don't think you can. I will be here rooting to see this journey come to a successful end :)