Saturday, January 26, 2013


Everyone at work is sick
Everyone in town is sick

No big shock then that I have caught another cold.  Fingers crossed it passes before the baby comes.  I am less than amused but at least it is not the stomach bug that is going around.

I have an OB appt next week.  It will probably be my last one as I don't usually do weekly appointments unless there is something wrong.  How weird to know that I have less than a month of ever being pregnant.  The Canadian continues to take whatever I throw at him without blinking.

Hubster wanted to go to a car show tomorrow but I don't think we will.  It is 3 hours away and would involve a ton of walking.  Not smart at 37 weeks pregnant.  We can go next year.  Instead we are going birthday shopping for boy #2 and going to see a movie...Mama...which looks really good and scary.  We will be in the town I will deliver in all day so that is good just in case something happens, which I'm sure it will not.

I had six or seven real, honest to goodness contractions yesterday at the basketball game.  They piddled out when I got in a hot bath at home but it's nice to know the body is tuning up. 

Typing awaits so I will end this...just wanted to say still here, still pregnant, and still doing well. 

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