Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time keeps on slipping.....

Come know that title has you singing the song.  No?  Ok so I am the only crazy one. 

Where have I been?  EGADS...busy is the only way to sum it up.  I finally recovered from the cold of doom and can breathe again so that's good.  The boy has played in 87 kajillion basketball games (slight exaggeration, but only slight), I have been working at the lab, typing at night, solving that pesky world peace problem in between (ok, ok, another slight exaggeration).  It's all been good, just busy.  We've been seeing boy #1 every Sunday which is weird but good.  He went down the wrong path many years ago and has not been a part of our life much ever since so it's nice to have him around again but just takes some adjusting to.  We've also been seeing girl #2 and the grandbaby every weekend which is really nice.  But all this adds up to a very full, busy, hectic life and add to that the fact that I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant and you might be able to understand my life a bit. 

I have maybe two more OB appointments to go (no, I don't do the weekly appointments, I am bad).  The guys have booked their flights and motel.  We are on the final countdown.   I still feel really good.  I'm uncomfortable and the baby is a huge octopus with arms in my cervix and legs is my ribs but he's healthy and that's all that matters. 

Mycotoxin issues continue to consume my life in the lab, taking up about 3 hours a day.  I wish it would start raining now and continue to rain every day for a month to resolve this drought but I don't see that happening so I think the mycotoxin issues will continue.  It makes for busy, busy days with absolutely no chance to sit down and we rarely even get a lunch break, meaning we have become adept at eating on the run and packing lunches that can be consume on the run. 

Better end this and get my hiney in gear...typing awaits. 

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