Saturday, May 11, 2013


I get a lot of questions lately as many seem to think I have dropped off the face of the Earth (or at least dropped out of the surrogacy world).  So I thought I would give an update and let everyone know I'm here, alive, and doing great.  So let's take it in order: 

Where have you been? 

Right here.  I just haven't had much to blog about and not much time to blog if I did have something to blog about.

What have you been doing? 

Working.  Teaching kids to drive, shuttling kids, cooking, other words, being a mom.  For the first time in 7 years I'm not frantically trying to get back in shape so I can get pregnant again.  I work out most days, eat whatever the heck I want, enjoy life, and try to soak up each day with the boys since it won't be long before they are grown. 

How are you doing? 

I am actually doing great.  Physically I am fully recovered from the years of pregnancies.  I can stay up late without feeling completely physically wasted.  I am starting to be able to physically keep up with the boys when we go hiking or do other physical activities.  I started a C25K program but had to stop because my knee is still bothering me and probably always will.  I will have to content myself with walking and bike riding.

Are you thinking of another surrogacy? 

For the first time in years, I'm content to be done.  Now I do have one caveat...if the Canadians asked me to carry again I would in a heartbeat.  But for right now I'm content to pump milk and donate.  The neat thing about milk donation is that I can help multiple people at once.  In the last month I have donated to 5 different babies and a milk bank.  Originally I had planned to just donate to the milk bank but I find that so many people contact me asking for donations that I end up with almost nothing to send to the milk bank but it is so great to know that I can help babies that cannot tolerate formula. 

Do you miss the babies and the kids you have helped bring into the world?

I get pictures of all six kids and know they are with their families, where they belong.  The Swedes are coming for two weeks in September and I cannot wait.  It will be so cool to see the twins and Aurora and their new baby (carried by a surrogate in Oregon).  In addition, we will see the Canadian in November and the Boston twins in the summer of 2014. 


Sure.  First we have Ben looking adorable as he chews on his fist.  . 

Second we have the boy at prom.  That is not the boy's is his best friend.  He went with someone else, just as a friend.  He is growing up way too fast and it's hard to get 5 minutes with him anymore.  Before I know it both boys will be grown and gone.  Where has the time gone? 

And that's it right now.  Life is full and hectic and great and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I miss pregnancy some days but most of the time I'm just happy to have my body back.  It feels weird to say I'll never be pregnant again but it no longer feels wrong to say that.  I think the pumping has really helped me to be ok with not carrying again.  It allows me to help others without actually being pregnant.  I know that some day I will have to stop pumping but for now, I'm content to spend my breaks at work and my commute pumping and I'm not in a hurry to stop.  All in good time. 
The next adventures on the horizon are several summer trips that we have planned.  Stay tuned.  

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