Friday, June 28, 2013

Basketball is not a contact issues...other stuff

So the basketball team lost the starters (they graduated).  And they lost the two tall kids (also graduated).  Which leaves the tallest players at around 6'1" ish.  One of those is the boy.  So now we are back in that glorious world of him playing post.  But wait...he doesn't get to play post on offense where he might like, you know, score or something crazy.  Oh no...he plays wing on offense.  On defense he plays post.  On a positive note he has learned to play defensive post without fouling. On a negative note, he only weighs 160 at 6'1" and therefore gets pushed around A LOT in the post.  Had a tournament last weekend.  8 games in 2 days.  Long story short, the boy now has two broken ribs.  Great.  He is in a lot of pain and we can't do much about it other than bind them. 

On a positive note, we had already met our family deductible so the ER visit for him should not be quite as expensive as the one for boy #3.  We will still have to pay our share but I told everyone to feel free to get injured from now until December 31st as we have met our deductible ;0) 

Coming on the heels of all these medical expenses, the hubster and I had a family summit and he asked me to not leave my job until the boys are out of high school.  The insurance at his job is AWFUL and while mine is expensive and doesn't cover a lot it is better than nothing.  Add to that the glorious obamacare mandate that we all have insurance and that that insurance meet their definition of "adequate" which for people our ages means no HDHPs and yeah...looks like I will be staying right where I am for another three years or so.  I'm actually ok with that.  Now that I'm not exhausted all the time from pregnancy, I can work a nine hour day at the lab and come home and type for two or three hours without it bothering me.  I do very much plan to start taking days off from the lab occasionally now that I don't have to save all my time for possible pregnancy complications. 

On the other stuff front I'm getting a first one in several years.  I'm not great at this whole self-care thing but I'm going to try harder.  I'm also buying myself a motorcycle...not because I need one but just because I want one.  Boy #2 is taking the Harley Riders Edge class and even though I have already taken that, I will take it again with him just because I'm not comfortable with dropping a 15 year old off and telling strangers to teach him to ride a motorcycle. 

Still pumping but I can tell I'm almost done with that.  I have a couple of friends that have pumped long term and while I admire that, I personally have never pumped longer than 6 months and I'm not sure I could.  Dragging the pump everywhere is a serious PITA and I'm so tired of it already.  Plus I fantasize about sleeping past 5:30 am, that glorious hour when my boobs wake me every morning. 

And that's is.  Boring aren't I?  I have lots of stories regarding Boy #1 but that is a post in and of itself.  Girl #1 got a promotion at work and is happy.  Girl #2 is still working nights and exhausted.  Grandbaby #1 is now 5 and grandbaby #2 is almost two.  Wow.  So I'm old and boring.

Off to find a place to cut my hair.  I am thinking of coloring it too.  Hmmm.  Shall I? 

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