Saturday, May 7, 2011

How did I get here from there?

Do you ever look at your life and wonder that? Because I do. I look back on my life and the decisions that build up on each other that lead me to where I am and I wonder what would be different if I just changed one factor.

I met my husband when he used to work at Miller Tire. For a year prior to that I had been taking my car to Wal-mart to fix the tires but on the day we met, I decided to go to Miller Tire since I knew the secretary there and had not seen her in quite some time. Turns out that she had tried to get Joe to date me and he said no...he had had enough of dating. Anyway, I walked in and had a skirt on because it was right after work. He started staring at my legs (definitely my best feature) and Donna, the secretary, told him that I was the one she tried to set him up with. The rest is history. A month later we moved in together. Two months later we got married. 8.5 years later we are where we are now. I had never seen Joe before so had I not decided to go into Miller Tire that day it is safe to say my life would be very different now. Had Joe decided to not date me, our lives would be different.

Another example.....I thought about surrogacy during my first marriage but my husband said no. When I married Joe I thought about it again. After I was settled in my job and we were financially stable, I contacted 3 agencies. The first to answer back is the one I am still with today. Two matches, three surrogacies and five babies later, it was definitely the right choice. What would be different had another agency answered back first?

The twists and turns that life takes will always amaze me. Ten years ago I was in an unhappy marriage, living in Chicago, the mother of an 8 year old and a 3 year old. I worked at my oldest sons' Catholic school in the after school program and lived in one room in the attic of my father in laws house. Ten years later I am in a happy marriage, living in my hometown, the mother of 5 kids ranging in age from 20 to 12. I have had five (hopefully soon to be six) surrogate babies. I work as a chemist at a lab, in what I would have to deem my dream job. I live in a 4800 square foot monstrosity of a house. How did I get here from there?


  1. I think the same thing at times. I wouldn't change much about my past but do wish I could've started Surrogacy sooner . . .

  2. Me too Kelly. Although I don't think my age is as limiting as my total number of pregnancies and all those darn twins born via c-section.

  3. Interesting post... it truly is AMAZING to think of all the little connections and diversions and interractions that have led us to being where we are in our life, and how differently things could have been if one small thing had not happened... I think about that all the time actually!! :) But in general life amazes me, constantly, and almost always in a good way. :)