Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Slim-Fast experiment

I have never had an issue maintaining my weight. And I used to never have an issue losing weight. But after the last two surrogacies, the weight would come off to a certain point and then stall. I am really not okay with retaining an extra 5 pounds from each pregnancy...when you have six pregnancies that starts to get a tad scary.

So I thought I would try slim-fast last week when I seemed destined to be stuck at what I consider a too high weight. I started last Saturday. I had many naysayers who said I was only losing water weight, that I was losing muscle, that the weight would come back. Blah blah blah.

I tried to counteract the naysayings by doing the following.
1. I drank a ton of water.
2. I continued to work out to keep my metabolism up.
3. I made sure my one meal a day had lean proten in it.

I only did the true slimfast for 4 days. Then I switched to one shake a day and two meals for two days and then slid back into 3 healthy meals. No weight came back and I am happy to report that I lost and have kept off a total of 4 pounds. That is while starting bcps and being ready to start my cycle any day so I do have some water bloat on board. Once my cycle starts (I started to bcp to try to start my cycle...five days of the pill will usually make it start when you stop taking the pill) I think another pound or two will come off. In short I now weigh four pounds less at the end of the day dressed than I did a week ago at the beginning of the day naked. So yeah...slimfast is a great kick start. After I go for my med screening, if I still want to lose a bit more I will do another round. For now I am happy with where I am. I am still four pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight but I tend to lose a bit when I travel (I don't like to eat before I fly) so I anticipate being at my pre-pregnancy weight when I return from my trip in early June. We shall see.

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