Sunday, May 29, 2011

Will I never learn?

I'm a "natural" girl. In general, I don't go for waxing or shaving of the nether regions. But for some unknown reason, every time I traipse east to have my nether regions approved by Dr. D, I feel the need to trim the hedges so to speak. And without fail, every time, I get a rash from shaving areas that are unaccustomed to being shaved. Said rash then turns into pimples. So without fail I present Dr. D. with a pimply ass every time I see him. Will I never learn? Doesn't look like it. Two weeks ago I shaved the nether regions, hoping against hope that either there would be no ensuing rash, or that if there was a rash it would disappear in time. No such luck. Leaving in four days, complete with rashy ass. This doctor must think I am hygenically challenged or just plain stupid. Sigh.


  1. Hey I've been reading you blog forever now!!! I just had my transfer on Thursday 2 3day embies. ) how do you get through the 2ww? I feel like I'm going crazy, over analyzing every twinge ach or pain!
    I am a gs for a wonderful couple! But this wait is going to drive me batty.. Can't wait to poas.. I think I will wait till we'd and give it a try!
    I also had a crazy need to shave ... Not my brightest moment :)

  2. Shantra....I have no hints for the 2ww. I always POAS way too soon. I am hoping that I am so busy now that I won't be crazy in the 2ww but I'm sure I will. Hang in there. And start peeing. And send me pics....I am living vicariously through others right now.