Friday, October 7, 2011

From this date forward

You know how when you go to Walmart and you hear a kid say "Mom" you turn around and look. Even though you know you didn't bring your kids or you recognize that that isn't their voice, you turn around. It's instinct. Someone says mom and your heart jumps. From this date forward, I will have that same reaction when someone says grandma.

I am a grandmother. Maybe that's supposed to make me feel old but it doesn't. Sarah did a wonderful job and pushed her first baby out in 7 min. Wow. The baby is a bit early and is in the NICU but is doing great. I ran to work at 8pm on Wednesday night since there's a few tests that I do that no one else at work knows how to do. Then I headed for the hospital and stayed for the long haul. Got home last night late and am headed back to work today. I am tired but not nearly as tired as the new parents. Hopefully the baby will be home soon with her mom and dad. A new family has been born. :)

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