Saturday, October 22, 2011

Which would you choose

If you were going to go back to school which would you do?

1. Get a masters degree in your field that would open up more job opportunities for you?

2. Get a second bachelors degree in a neighboring field that would make advancement opportunities at work possible?

3. Get a completely unrelated degree in a field you have always been interested in?

See #3 really appeals to me. The problem with going that route is that I'm the breadwinner and have been for many years and the degree I would like to get would take 16 months (it's another bachelor's degree but I can piggyback it onto the one I have and get it faster than four years). So we would have to take out student loans and I hate debt. Hate it.

If I go with #2 then I can move up in my company. I love my company but moving up in it means moving and that is not an option until the kids are grown. I would never take the kids away from their friends or family. Also, my company is makes ethanol and we all know how everyone and their brother hates ethanol now because it raises food prices supposedly (it doesn't by the way).

#1 is the most logical. I already took my GRE and got accepted into the masters program at Mizzou. The problem with this is it the one I least want to do. I love chemistry but don't adore chemistry classes. To do this I could work at the university though in research and this route would put me in the right town for boy #2 to go to Catholic high school which he is considering.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. If you went with option #3, what would you do with that degree? Obviously its a field you've always been interested in, but if you can't do anything with it, its pointless to accumulate debt to get it (spoken by the woman with a Master's degree in philosophy that is *clearly* sitting around getting dusty, but for the rare occasion when she chooses to wax philosophical).

  2. Option #3 is nursing school. They have a completion program where if you have a BS you can get your BSN in 16 months. I would use it to work as an RN in L&D and then later, when the kids are grown, go to midwifery school in Kansas City. So yes, I could definitely use the least the BSN.