Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Holy spit has it really been 3 weeks since I posted?  Bad blogger.  Not much going on here.  This baby sleeps all day as I scurry about the lab and then dances all night while I am typing or trying to sleep.  I'm sure the dads will so appreciate my turning their baby into a night owl.  One of the dads is an ER/ICU physician so at least he is used to the night shift. 

I took a picture at 24 weeks.  The belly looks less round because the baby has stretched out. 

So far the pregnancy is pretty uneventful.  I am tired but that's to be expected.
Boy#2 is in hell week of basketball practice.  He comes home dripping with sweat every day and exhausted.  He made the JV team to start and will play some Varsity which is about as good as you can expect as a freshman. 
Both kids got straight A's on their report cards for the first six weeks so yay for that.  The three older kids are all good.  The grandbaby is adorable (cue adorable grandbaby picture)

Also, I bought this.  As opposed to my 12mpg that I was getting in the truck, I am getting an average of 45 mpg in this puppy.  The gas savings almost pays the car payment.  Woo hoo.
And that's about it for us.  We work, we take care of kids, we eat and sleep.  Life is fully and busy and good.  And that's it.  Hopefully my OB will be back from maternity leave in December so I can see her, not that I'm dying to drive 60 miles each way for a ten second appointment.  

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