Saturday, November 3, 2012

It happened like this

Want to hear a funny story or two?  Let me tell you about the 20 week ultrasound.  Fairly hilarious. At the time I still hadn't bought a car and was driving the great black beast still.  I wanted to be able to meet the guys at their hotel and give them a lift to the ultrasound so they would not have to navigate.  So I asked the neighbor (62 year old bachelor man) if I could borrow his Honda.  He said sure.  What could go wrong, right? I'm driving away from the house the check engine light comes on.  I call the hubster and he says yes he knows this, that the car has an appointment next week and it's just a sensor issue.  Surely he wouldn't let his pregnant wife take off on a 50 mile journey in the neighbor's broken car so I continue on.  At the next stop light I glanced in the back seat and noticed how dirty the car was (like cluttered dirty, not really dirt dirty).  Anywho, I then noticed cigarette papers in the back seat and other assorted items that led me to wonder just a bit about my neighbor.  I got to the hotel and confessed to the guys that I had my neighbors car and was not altogether sure that I wasn't driving a mobile drug lab so maybe we should just take their rental car...which turned out to be a minivan. 

Soo...we drive to the ultrasound place and they have no idea it's a surrogacy.  She calls us back and looks at the guys in a confused manner.  She asked who the father was and I said I didn't know (we put in 2 embryos and only one took so yeah...once again I'm pregnant with an unknown).  She got an even more confused look on her face and whispered in my ear, "So you brought both possible dads to the ultrasound?"  I knew what she meant but in the spirit of the day I calmly said yes, that they were both possibly the father and we would find out after the birth who the father was.  She was great to the guys but continued to shoot me "wow you are a big fat whore" looks.  It was hilarious.  On the way out one of the guys pulled her aside and told her it was a surrogacy but by then I think it was too late and she didn't believe us. 

Just another adventure in surrogacy.  My life is going to seem so boring after I retire.  :)