Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Do you do the black friday shopping?  I don't but I am impressed by those who do.  I don't like crowds so it's not my cup of tea.  I did make Joe go to Sears last year and buy laundry detergent for half price and that has lasted us a year (and we do four loads of laundry a day between his work clothes, my work clothes, basketball clothes for the boy and just regular clothes). 

We are having a quiet Thanksgiving at home today.  I have to work a bit at job one and do a bit of typing but not much of either.  We will be baking and just vegging out mostly. 

27 weeks 4 days pregnant now and just cruising along.  This baby is really active.  I am thankful that things are calm with the pregnancy and praying for no early labor. 

Basketball started last Friday with a scrimmage.  Confusingly the boy warmed up with the varsity and wore the red varsity uniform but the actual kids that played varsity wore white.  So he played jv in the varsity uniform.  The coach said he wanted to designate the three players who were both jv and varsity so that people would know they were both.  Weird.  The coach also talked to us after the game and told us that the boy is the first freshman he has ever put on varsity at the beginning of the year.  He said that other have worked up to varsity mid way through but he has never started a season with a freshman on varsity.  The real season starts next Monday.  There's an in town freshman tournament and an out of town varisty tournament, both all next week.  We will be heading to the out of town varsity tournament.  Luckily it is only about 30 minutes from my job so I can just go straight from work. 

Saw (aka chased after) the grandbaby for four hours the other day.  Man you forget how busy they are.  She is adorably but ornery.  She talks constantly but we're not sure of the language...I think Swahili, Joe thinks German. 

And that's about it for us here.  Hard to believe that in 12ish weeks the Canadian will be here, I will be done with pregnancy and moving forward into other areas of life.  I think I have decided to take a huge plunge and really change my/our life in a certain way and I am excited and nervous.  Only good things to come.  :)

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