Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013

33 weeks pregnant today.  I saw the OB on Thursday and all was well.  I've had a strange rash for a week or so and was worried it might be PUPPS, which I've never had.  Thankfully it is simply my body's reaction to the strep and is starting to clear up.  Yay.  Otherwise I'm still healthy as a horse...bp was 102/64, weight gain was 23 pounds and urine was clear of protein and glucose.  Just chugging along.  We did go ahead and schedule the c-section so the guys could plan and buy plane tickets.  We got a date pretty close to my due date so hopefully the baby will be fully cooked by then and ready to come out.  I'm not at all thrilled at the thought of the spinal when not being in labor but hey, if I learned anything last time, it's that my preferences in labor don't really matter as long as we end up with a healthy baby and an alive surrogate at the end. 

It's that time of year...time to make New Year's Resolutions.  I guess I could say it is my resolution to move on from surrogacy but that is going to happen regardless of if I want it to or not (for the record...I want it to) so that's kind of cheating.  My typical one is to eat out less.  We still eat out way too frequently and there's really no reason for it.  I try to keep quick meals on hand for those nights we don't get home until 9pm or later (this happens more and more frequently lately) but I still get lazy and run through the drive through.  That has to stop.  Healthwise it is not good.  I also want to get back into exercising and run another 5K.  Since at this point I can hardly walk a mile without breathing heavy, courtesy of the cold and the Canadian, that should be an interesting one.  I guess my biggest resoultion would be to finally bite the bullet and do something about my work situation.  I have a plan for that and I know what I want and need to do...I just know how tremendously hard it will be to follow through with it.  Let's see if I grow some gonads between now and March because I can't go on the way I have been. 

The kids are all well.  The surrobubs are all well.  Life is good.  Resuming the holding pattern until mid February. 

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