Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the menu today

Well first up we will be fixing the holes in the back house walls that my wonderful son made during his drunken/drugged stay there. I patched the four small ones with mesh last night. Today we will patch the three body sized ones.

Then...wait for it....we are finally starting round 2 of p90x. We have taken a 3 month break and done alot of outside exercise. Now we are ready to jump back in. We will have to take a week off for vacation in July as there are no televisions where we are heading. And we will take a few days off when we go for transfer and for a few days after transfer we will have to just do arms and jumping or anything strenuous. So here we go. My goal this time is to tone up those lower abs as much as possible. I know they will never be tight again but hopefully they can be a smidge tighter than they are now. I am finally at my pre-pregnancy weight (just in time to start the glorious weight addition drug lupron) but I need to tone more.

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