Saturday, June 4, 2011

Screening trip

Let me start at the beginning. I left on Thursday from work and drove to the airport. I flew to Detroit, had a layover, and then flew into White Plains. I have to say that I love the White Plains airport. I got my rental car and drove some of the curviest roads imaginable to get to the Merritt and then was set. Or so I thought. I got onto 25 and was supposed to get off at exit 3s. No biggie. Except road construction had 3s closed. No biggie, I just got off at exit 2 and turned around, thinking I would get off on exit 3 from the northbound lanes. But there was no exit 3s or 3 or anything. So I drove for a bit trying to figure out what to do. I got off at exit 9, planning to turn around and go back southbound but ther was no entrance for southbound. So I went a bit west and thought I would turn around and go back east and then north. Confused yet? So was I. Finally after driving aimlessly for a few minutes I called my hubby and asked if my phone had GPS. Nope. Finally I stumbled back upon highway 25, got off at exit 2, found a walgreens in a complete ghetto, got lost in downtown Bridgeport, and then managed to stumble upon my motel 3 hours later. Shot nerves...yeah you might say that.

The next morning I was using the computer in the lobby and saw two men staring at me. I thought they looked really familiar and might be my IFs but I was not sure and didn't want to approach them. What could I say, "Hi. Are you guys gay? And canadian? And headed for invasive medical testing?" Yeah I don't think so. (It was them by the way).

I went and had my screening and passed (pending bloodwork). My uterus looks great according to Dr. D. The guys and I then went out to eat and we talked for a bit. I really like the alot. They want a sibling in a few years but I seriously doubt I will be the carrier for that. In spite of the fact that the old gray mare is aging well, she is still old and gray and there are limits. Plus Dr. D made it blatantly clear that while everything looks great, he would not approve me for another journey after this...I am 39 and simply too old. Great Dr. D....thanks for that. The time machine has finally caught up with the old gray mare it seems and it is almost time to put her out to pasture. Oh well. I have many other adventures ahead.

My flight home on Friday was at 6:30. I was heading to the airport at 4 when AA called and cancelled my flight. I pulled off the Merritt and luckily was right across the street from the motel that my Swedish guys and I had stayed at last time. I got a room for the night and flew out Saturday morning. After a rain delay in Chicago, I am finally home. Hopefully bloodwork turns out OK and we can get this show on the road. I am still thinking a September transfer.


  1. My last agency told me the clinics on the east coast are more conservative when it comes to age and number of c-sections than clinics on the west coast. My second IF and I used a clinic in Boston, so I guess it might cause issues if we decide to do a sibling project, but my IF would also throw his weight around until they give him what he wants. I'm sure you'll be approved. Glad to hear that you like your IFs -- can't wait to live vicariously through you!

  2. If the IFs request a specific surro and she can pass the screenings I think the clinic will take her. Not sure though.

    Sorry I deleted my FB status without answering your coworkers are on my FB and they know nothing about me doing another surrogacy...they thought I went East to visit friends which I did but I did a few other things too. Wish surrogacy didn't have to be so "under the rug" so to speak.

  3. I like the story about the 'puter and meeting them by chance... that's cute. Good luck sweetie! Whether it's your final journey, this time last year you expected to be retired and now you are making another dream come true. May this journey be amazing for all of you!