Sunday, September 4, 2011

It must be a full moon

Because the crazies are out in force in the surrogacy world. Thankfully things at home are calm and wonderful so that kind of balances out the crazies. Let's see what I can update on.

Kids: Doing well. Boy #2 is growing like a weed. Boy #3 is getting ready to hit a growth spurt I think. Girl #2 is miserably pregnant and they are thinking she will be lucky to carry to 34 weeks. She is 32 weeks right now. Operation "spoil the heck out of the new grandbaby" is about to commence very soon. Yay. Girl #1 is married though I'm not sure it's happily. Lots going on with her. I feel bad for her but in the end, I think she's made some bad choices and is having to deal with the consequences of them. She's an adult and that's what happens sometimes. Boy #1 is doing as well as can be expected. We are hoping that his eyes are being opened and that he's dealing with the consequences of his actions. Who knows though.

Spent all day yesterday cleaning out a room in the back house for Girl #2 to use as her master bedroom. That led to re-arranging the basement. We had no kids at home so we had a date night and then stayed up WAY too late worrying about things that I should learn to let go. Got up bright and early and went to work this morning. Back home now eating chocolate and trying to decide how to spend this glorious day.

Surrogacy wise I have nothing. I think I am retired. I am okay with being retired. I will continue on as I have been for another month but I think it's safe to say that I'm done. Arrivederci. Is it okay to say thank heavens? Got gorgeous pics of three of the surrobubs. They are growing so quickly.

Do you remember my blog post about the kkk member/wanna-be surro that ended up being banned by a black moderator? Read her account of the whole situation. Very funny.

That's about how it went down. Kym is a wonderful writer. I remember when I used to write funny blog posts. Now they feel more like a daily itinerary and whine session. I need to work on that. :)


  1. You can't be funny ALL the time, sometimes life gets in the way. As far as surrogacy goes, maybe this is god's way of telling you your life is headed in a different direction. Its not good or bad, it just is. And it sounds like you have your hands full with the kids anyway. Any reason why girl #2 won't make it past 34 weeks? Its a singleton, right??

  2. She has pre-eclampsia. Swelling is getting worse and so is the bp. So far no protein in the urine but it probably is coming soon. She is tiny (under 5 feet tall) and the dad is big. The baby is consistently measure 2 weeks big even though they know the dates are right because she had a very early u/s. I think she'll make 35 weeks or so but that's probably it.

  3. I'm keeping your daughter and grandbaby in my thoughts, Susan.

    As for surrogacy - retirement felt like a relief to me. I mean, it hurts, and still does to some degree because I didn't feel completely finished in my heart with only having completed one journey, but I did feel HUGE relief at not having to go through all the hoop-jumping any more.

  4. Kym...that is how I feel. I don't want to jump through any hoops. I don't want to put any more meds in my body. And yet I don't want to let down these guys that I have promised to help.