Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Updates, news, and other sundry items

That's sounds promising right? Like maybe I have some good surrogacy news. Yeah not so much. I'm fairly sure I'm done. I do have some exciting non-cycling surrogacy news though. It's probably boring but it's exciting to me. I took some yearbook classes in high school and won some statewide awards for my writing. In addition, my maternal Aunt and my sister are published authors. So I've always played with writing, hence this blog. I also write for another source that draws writings from several writers. It is more of a website with articles than a blog. Anywho, I also write on the side. For many years Joe has tried to get me to write a book about surrogacy but that's just not me. There are private moments in surrogacy that are the best part and I don't feel like sharing those with anyone. A few months ago, however, I wrote an article that is sort of a guide to surrogacy for those who think surrogates are batshit crazy. It is funny and irreverent and yet in the end, the true essence of surrogacy shines through. I tweaked it and re-wrote sections and then sent it to my Aunt to proofread. After, I sent it to several sources and one of them has decided to publish it. It's a pretty big women's magazine and I am thrilled. Even better, they sent along a letter asking what other writing I might have. This is almost better than playing with my chemicals at work. So that's my surrogacy update. I am fairly certain that you could consider me retired from the actual carrying aspect of surrogacy but it's nice to know that I can continue to contribute to the surrogacy world.

There's not much else going on in the world. We are at that wonderful time of year when both boys need new glasses or contacts, dental checkups, and physicals. We are almost done with all of those thankfully.

Off to scrounge of dinner for the hooligans. They are starving as usual.