Sunday, November 7, 2010


Does not cause labor. Just saying. We have been attempting to get some "pre-labor" signs going on by having a bit of fun at night. Poor DH has been cut off for several months (I never feel comfy having sex between 28 and 36 weeks when it is someone else's baby....I just can't imagine having to call the parents and say I went into pre-term labor because I wanted a bit of "afternoon delight"). Anywho, we resume activities a few days ago and not a darn contraction. Not really in BH either. No spotting. No bloody show. No mucus plug. NOTHING. Cletus has settled in for the long haul I think. Wonder if I will be overdue? It's neat to wonder when he/she will come.

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  1. Yeah, I don't know why people think it does. I carried my son to 42 weeks, and NOTHING (not even induction) was bringing him out. I'm sure my then-dh enjoyed it, but really, it doesn't work any more than really spicy food (which I also tried).