Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping, Red Lobster, and Walking....oh my

Meeting Lennart today for an early dinner at Red Lobster. I adore Red Lobster and thankfully, so does Cletus. You see Cletus and I have had a few arguments this pregnancy about food. A few times I have insisted, and gone ahead and eaten a non-Cletus-approved food. In those few cases, Cletus has come out the victor. At this point, I am mostly eating cereal, fruit, veggies, and rice because that is all he says he will put up with. So rather than argue, I pick my battles and remain thankful that crab legs are tolerated by my resident parasite.

Boy #2 has a parade today and then we are off to Columbia. We will shop until we drop (darn kids outgrew their clothes AGAIN), eat until we are stuffed, and then shop some more. We also plan alot of walking today. Maybe, maybe, maybe, I will get a few contractions (stop laughing at me).


  1. Mmmm....enjoy Red Lobster! That's our first choice for celebratory meals around here, or whenever the boy can twist my arm to get me to spend a little more than I like! Hope the contractions start up for you!

  2. Here's hoping it works. You so deserve your vaginal birth this time around. You are doing an amazing job. Can't believe you're working so much. I left work at five months and became a SLOTH.