Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T minus

61 hours until the baby comes, one way or another. Pumping is still not working and neither is anything else so I have stopped everything and am just enjoying my last few days with Cletus. I am sad to have a c-section but at this point I know the baby must be mal-positioned since I'm not dilating at all. I have always been at least dilated to a 3 by this point in the past. I feel very strongly that the baby is posterior and has a huge head and all the yoga in the world is not turning him. Oh well. The point of surrogacy is for the parents to get a baby and in 61 hours I get to give them just that.


  1. Sorry you didn't get the ideal birth, but a baby out is a baby out!! YAY! I bet his dads are excited!!

  2. Enjoy this time ... do something nice for yourself. I will pray that all goes well with the cesarean. Good luck and let us know how it does. Happy healthy healing vibes for you!